New generations of kids love to start online games, when they turn on their computers. They are simple you do not need to install anything, except java or flash, and can be played easily by using web browser. There are many websites on World Wide Web which facilitates gamer to play or start online games. If a game is played over a type of computer network then this type of gaming is called online gaming.

Computer networks evolved from small local networks to internet because of rapid expansion of online games. There are various types of online games; some are just based on simple text, while others contain composite graphics and virtual worlds which are filled with online players from all around the world. Many popular games have created forums or communities to transform online gaming into a type of social activity, which is not possible in single player games. Due to advancement of software like java and flash player, people are able to watch, listen to their favorite videos and songs, respectively.




This was first done by Microsoft; they developed flash add-on which can be used with internet explorer. After that we can see number of sites which are providing entertainment stuff, however it was not possible with out flash player or java. This software become the basis of online gaming. There are some multi-player online games which charge monthly payment and after that they allow users to play or start online games. However there are some games which do not charge any monthly payment and allow users to play their game for free. These types of games are also called free to play games. These types of games mainly rely on advertisements which are played on game sites.

Moreover there are some games which allow users to play game in limited made or feature and full game features are provided to those players who pay monthly payment. These types of games allow users to choose whether they want to pay or not. Online gaming is also termed as online gambling. It is due to both words have same sounds but their meanings are quite different. It should be noted that definition of online games does not force anyone to wager in game.

After the development of World Wide Web, browsers become more complicated. They become more powerful for online gaming, and after that everyone started developing browser based games. HTML and HTML scripting is used to play simple games which consist of single player. If we connect complex games with a web server then it will become an online multi-player game, however developing a multi-player game environment is quite difficult then creating a simple single player online game. Now more complex games can be created by the aid of web based graphic technologies like java and flash player.

We also use word of java games and flash games because they are developed by using that specific web based graphic software. In 1980s, few games like Pac-Man and Frogger were released; these games were then made compatible with web browsers and flash plug-in. In the beginning, games provide limited access to play with other players around web, due to lack of technology. However, now virtual worlds in games are totally controlled by online players. Young online gamers love to play browser based pet games. These types of games have millions of online players roaming in virtual worlds.

There are many admired online games which are bounded by an agreement. EULA or End User License Agreement keeps and eye on online games so that game developers do not break laws of agreement. There are various penalties of breaking laws of agreement like warnings to game developers or termination of gaming server or site. One example is that in Runescape, which is an online multiplayer role playing game, if a player abuses then he will be muted for certain amount of time. Due to high economic prices of human involvement and low returns back to the firm, it is quite difficult to enforce EULA on all online games. Only massive and popular games are controlled by EULA. For more information go straight to

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According to Edward castronova, Professor of Telecommunications, online governance is divided into two parts, strange governance and good governance. He also stated that we can check government and management by virtual worlds.




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