Badminton is a fun and very pleasant sport that is played on a court with between two to four people, a shuttlecock and a net. It is a sport very similar to volleyball and tennis, however it does have its peculiarities. In fact the player will have his racquet and will only be allowed to touch the shuttlecock once before it crosses the net of the court. If the player touches it more than once he will lose points right away. The goal is to take the shuttlecock to the courts half that is not of the player. Of course faults may happen, and a judge will take care of it. This sport was first played back in the 17th century, born in a stately house in England, at the house of Duke of Beaufort, and since then it has been a huge success to several different countries. Although it is not known in South America for example, it has a huge space in the hearts of Asian people and also in the hearts of Americans!




Some Curiosities about such an interesting sport!

Badminton has some very interesting facts! Take a look below and find some of the most interesting ones!

• Badminton is one of the fastest racket sports since the shuttlecock can reach the speed of over 200 miles per hour. The feathers of the shuttlecock are always the best when made out of the left wing of a goose, never the right or even never the feathers of any other animal.

• Badminton was first introduced in the United States of America back in the year of 1890, however it only became famous around the year 1932. It might not seem that way, however Badminton is indeed the second most popular sport coming right after soccer (see more information from this article).

• The first time badminton features an Olympic competition was back in 1992 in the Olympic games in Barcelona and over 1 billion people watched the competition over TV! The sport simply just needed some extra room, so TV and the Olympic community figured it would be a great idea to feature one of the most famous sports in their competitions.

• There were only four different countries that ever won the most important award for the badminton players, the Uber Cup since it was created back in 1956 and the countries were The United States of America, Japan, China and also Indonesia. The sport is very, very famous all over Asian, with many Asian countries dominating the sport at the highest level.


• A shuttlecock might seem pretty light, however some weight almost 5 kg each! They are usually heavy due to the size and also the number of goose feathers inserted. In fact each shuttlecock should have 16 feathers.

These were only a few of the most interesting facts regarding badminton, make sure you go online and read some more about such an interesting sport. There are plenty of excellent sources online for more information, some of which we have already covered.





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