Having a shuffleboard court available is wonderful, whether you have children at home or not. The amazing times you could spend with your family and friends playing such a nice game certainly are worth any work you have in order to build one. This is a very nice thing to have at your disposal, whether you have some space up in the park way or even back in the yard.

There are hundreds of families that go places in order to find a nice shuffleboard court to play at, however you no longer need to do that! In fact you can easily have such thing at home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for a very convenient price (sometimes next to 0 in spending!). You can have one made in your back yard or even in your parkway, all you need is some time and a couple bucks in the pocket! Are you ready to have a wonderful time with friends and family when a delicious summer day comes? It is time to work!




How to build the court home? A step by step guide.

• Make sure you protect your hands and eyes. Pour muriatic acid to clean the pavement. Leave it there for around 15 minutes and after rinse with water, a lot of water so no acid is left. After that make sure your driveway is completely dry. Let it get dry naturally, no blow driers please.

• Make sure you have the shuffleboard stencils as well as the templates. You can find these templates online for example. Depending on the kind of template the number of pieces may vary, however everything will be organized so you will not get lost or even get angry trying to assemble everything.

• Have the first stencil filled with the spray paint (make sure you shake it properly before using, so the paint will work the way it is supposed to work). Hold the can around 5 inches from the concrete. As soon as you spray the stencil you should remove it. Do it with all of the stencils, use whatever color you prefer.

• As soon as all of your stencils has some spray on them you should let the concrete naturally dry. This might take a few hours depending on your climate conditions. Make sure you do everything in a nice summer time, so no rains come.


• As soon as the paint is dry enough it is time you put on a mask and use some concrete sealer. Roll the sealer all over the areas, even if the area does not have any spray paint on it. You should add the first coating and then wait one hour for it to dry. Afterwards you should apply the second coat and let it sit for at least 24 hours, so everything is completely dry.

• The final touch is consists of adding shuffleboard wax to the concrete.

If you would like to read more make sure you go online and watch the following video.





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