Bocce Ball, Bocci or even bocce is a common sport among families from all over the world. Although in some countries it is preferred by the elderly in many, such as in the USA, it is an outdoor sport that is good for family and friends of all ages and genders. The game is quite interesting and can have everyone play together. It is calm, safe yet strategic, so if you are into playing bocce ball you will have to think a little bit!

However, thinking will not be a problem, after all bocce ball players play this very pleasant game outdoors, while you enjoy the fresh air and get your necessary vitamin D!




Let’s understand a little bit of how this game works!

Bocce Ball can be played with only two people (against each other) or two different groups with two to four people In each. In order to play Bocce Ball it is necessary to have the ball kit that comes with 9 balls, 8 in a bigger size (4 of each color) and 1 smaller ball. These sets of balls can cost as little as $20 dollars, for beginners and also more than $100 dollars for those who are already considered professionals in the sport. If you would like more information about these types of sets please go here for more details.

As soon as you have your team and your ball set it is time you build the court of the game. This court has certain regulations that provide users the following measurements:

• No more than 13 feet wide and 90 feet long
• Raised barrier that can be no taller than 20cm
• Foul line for players to respect while throwing the ball


Playing Bocce Ball

Now that you already know what you will need in order to play bocce ball it is important to understand the rules and the goal of the game. Let’s take a look at the steps that show exactly what the players need to do.


• You can flip a coin or simply decide who will have the right to go first
Throw the jack (there might be different rules that vary from throwing the jack anywhere the player wants, throwing the jack beyond a certain part of the court or even have to throw the jack in a certain area of the court.)
• The team that threw the jack should throw the first bocce ball.
• The goal is to keep the bocce ball as close to the jack as possible
• As soon as the first team throws the bocce ball the time for the second team to throw comes as well. The second team should also try to get their bocce ball as close to the jack as possible.
• The next people to play is the team that has their bocce ball the farthest from the jack.
• The scores will be made. The team that has an overall of balls closer to the jack get a point.
• As soon as the result is set players should invert the court and play again until a team gets to 12 or 15 points first.





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